Scout Section Programme

25/09/2018Tuesdays Route planning + Wide ganes
02/10/2018Mechanics Night Rich HollingsScouts will get the chance to change wheels and Oil + get engine messy !!!!!
11/10/2018Hetchell Wood Joint Night
16/10/2018Enviromental Night
23/10/2018Movie MakingChoose 1 of 3 templates for Filming making
30/10/2018Half Term NO SCOUTS
08/11/2018Marching Practice / Hockey /Wide Games JOINT NIGHTLocal to Cop - Joint Night
13/11/2018Scuba Diving Yearsley Pool
20/11/2018Astro Campus
27/11/2018Dragons Den
04/12/2018Woodwork DIY / Wood CarverSnowman/ Reindeer
11/12/2018Casualty Night First Aid refresh
20/12/2018Ice Skating Joint Night