Explorer Section Programme

30/04/2018Visit from MINDWe will be talking to us about mental health and wellbeing.
14/05/2018Ultimate Frisbee
04/06/2018Tracking on the Knaviesmire This evening will be an opportunity for you to hone your inner tracking skills. We'll be taking the mini bus and going out to the Knaviesmire to learn and practice our tracking skills.
18/06/2018Mini Escape at SnowballCan you outwit the chasers? This is where your hid and seek skills come into play. Can you make it to the finish line without getting caught? We'll be going to Snowball to for this meeting.
02/07/2018Scout Cart ChallengeWe'll be trying out our new and improved Scout Carts tonight. Wear sports clothing (something you can peddle in) and your neckers.
16/07/2018Snowball - site maintenanceWe'll be helping support the team that maintain Snowball plantation by helping improve the facilities so that people in Scouts, Guides and other youth organisation’s can enjoy the opportunities the site provides. This evening will be using practical site maintenance skills.