Cub Section Programme

24/01/2018Burns Night Fun [Chill]Chill (Fiona Jarrett) is leading on Wed as Fiona Miller (Kaa) can't make Wed eve. Kaa will give the planning to Chill
27/01/2018Cub Jambowlree
31/01/2018Holocaust Awareness [Ducky] [With support from Chill]Age appropriate activities to help our young people appreciate the importance of Holocaust Memorial Day, as part of Thomas's school project. Chill will support Ducky in planning this session
07/02/2018Pancake Challenges [Hathi]No Chill
10/02/2018Hergarth Challenge
21/02/2018Team Challenges [Akela]
28/02/2018Saints [YLs] [With support from Chill]Teams to write and film a short play based on the story of a Patron Saint
07/03/2018Home Help [Hathi]
14/03/2018Synagogue Visit [Baloo]We hope to organise a trip to see a Synagogue in Leeds. Specific arrangements to follow later.
18/03/2018York Chess Competition
21/03/2018Circuit Training [Leela]