Cub Section Programme

27/03/2019Community Project [Chil]Street Sign Cleaning. This week we are making a POSITIVE and VISIBLE impact to our village. Please clean (safely & with an adult) as many street signs as you can from 6.30pm-7pm. Then come to the hut for the rest of the session. We’ll count up how many signs have been cleaned, award prizes and play some games.
30/03/2019First Aid Training day [Bandar]Learn multiple first aid skills. See OSM events to book.
03/04/2019Orienteering [James Meredith]
10/04/2019Proper Smart Night [Shere Khan]Tips on looking smart and ready for Parade.
28/04/2019Founders Day Parade [Akela]A important event in our calendar where we parade in York City Centre and attend a special church service at York Minster. More details to follow.